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11 tricks to maintain privacy in your courtyard garden

11 tricks to maintain privacy in your courtyard garden

Feel like you’re living in a fishbowl without any privacy?

Use these creative ideas to make your own paradise free from prying eyes.

Fence yourself in – but do it with style

1. Use mixed materials, like a stone wall topped with lattice fencing.

2. Leave gaps between the horizontal gaps of a wooden fence to create breathing space.

3. Build a vertical garden. Hang pot plants from your fence. Or decorate your fence with string lighting.

Retreat into a relaxing hideaway

4. Use umbrellas, sails or outdoor curtaining to shield your seating areas.

5. Outdoor privacy screens made of lattice or bamboo keep prying eyes out, but let breezes in.

6. If you have space, a pergola with seating and shade becomes and extra outdoor room.

Use plants to create your own secret garden

7. Grow a classic privet hedge – or if that’s too hard, buy a fake!

8. Bamboo is thick, easy to grow and does well in big pots.

9. Train flowering climbers over your fence, screen or pergola.

Suffering from noise pollution?

10. Create a soothing sound buffer with a fountain, cascade or water wall.

11. Crank up your wireless stereo system or bluetooth speaker, and add groove to your own outdoor sounds.