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Eco-friendly properties

The term ‘environmentally friendly’ can mean many things. When buying your next property, look out for features that will give it a five-star eco-friendly rating:

• Solar and wind power: Look for homes using these energy-efficient ways to power your home – they can also reduce your carbon footprint.

• Insulation and glazing: Good insulation and double-glazed windows regulate the inside temperature and may save you a small fortune in heating
and cooling.

• Building orientation: North-facing properties benefit from sun during the day, which naturally lights and heats the property.

• Building materials: Construction materials can directly impact a property’s environmental footprint. Look for reclaimed wood, recycled and sustainable materials.

• Water-saving appliances: From dual-flush toilets to rainwater tanks, these appliances all contribute to saving water.

• Natural lighting: Skylights and well-positioned windows bring natural light into your home, reducing your reliance on electricity.