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Winter overhaul – getting your property spring sale ready

The warmer spring weather inspires owners to put their properties on the market, which makes the season highly competitive. So that you’re ready in time for spring, here are five tips you can action this winter to help you gain a market advantage.

1. The basics

At a minimum, the property should be clean and tidy. Consider hiring a professional cleaner for a detailed clean that includes skirting boards, windows and so on. It’s also a good idea to make any necessary repairs – you don’t want to deter buyers with a minor issue like a leaking tap.

2. Highlight your best features

To gain a competitive edge you need a unique selling proposition. Identify what gives your property its ‘wow’ factor and make sure it’s the focus. For example, if you want to showcase the garden, do any possible planting or garden maintenance in winter so that your plants are blooming in time for spring and your garden looks its best.

3. Time it right

Aim to show your property at the time of day when it’s at its best. You’ll want both good light and a good temperature. Real estate experts suggest earlier is better – August or September – before there’s a glut. This means starting your preparations in winter. Consider which month would suit your property according to its features.

4. Find the right agent

Do some research to find the right agent (and auctioneer) by looking at recent sales of properties similar to yours. Real estate is highly localised – make sure the agent understands your neighbourhood and what will make your place stand out.

Remember that you want potential buyers, not just browsers. If your agent has a large list of genuine buyers looking to purchase property in your area, that puts you ahead of others who are relying on traditional marketing.

5. Be realistic

The location and condition of your property will suggest a potential sale price. However, the real estate market relies on supply and demand. If there are lots of properties compared to buyers, you may need to adjust your expectations.